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LCFPrep Educational Services

(818) 237-7333   Call or text for info. Both in person and online appointments are now available.

SAT/ACT group classes, limited to just 4 students to keep them fun, interactive, and engaging for students at all skill levels.

Private 1 on 1 SAT/ACT and GRE prep

Subject tutoring in math/science. All levels including undergraduate mathematics.

AP test prep.  AP Calc, Stats, Physics, Chem, Bio, Computer Science

Subject test prep. Mostly math and science.

ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, and HSPT Preparation

SAT/ACT Group Classes Info

What Will This Class Cover?

SAT / ACT group classes cover ALL parts of the test.

Through conversation and our expert advice, you'll learn a LOT more about how the test is written and about the rules it plays by than if you were studying on your own. We'll cover both concepts and strategies and throw in every tip and trick we've learned over the years.


Here Are a Few of the Takeaways:

  1. Foundation building
    • Covering the basic knowledge that is needed to take the test.
    • Breaking the key concepts into byte sized pieces that are easy to learn.
  2. Analytic skills
    • Learning ways to sharpen your analytic skills in order to tackle tricky math and reading comprehension questions.
  3. Standardized test taking skills
    • Become more familiar with the format of the test.
    • Decipher the test's patterns, logic, and rules.
    • Learn the proper mindset that is needed for each section.
    • Utilize tips, tricks and hacks of standardized test taking. Sometimes you need to think a little bit "outside the box" when you don't know the "formal" solution.
    • Understanding that the SAT and ACT are NOT like the tests you take in school. They are more like a game—a game that you need to learn the rules of and play skillfully in order to maximize your points.
  4. Study skills
    • How to effectively study outside of class.
    • How to squeeze the most value out of practice questions.
    • How to analyze your practice tests and make better test-taking decisions

Everything in the course is designed to maximize your test-day performance and your score.


What's Included in the Price?

  • All books and materials, which include the online course platform and many official practice tests.
  • Three official, proctored practice tests (these are held on various Saturday and Sunday afternoons and are in addition to the normal class hours)

Cost? Duration?

SAT / ACT: Group courses are $850 for 20 hours of class time. The price includes 3 official proctored practice tests to be taken outside of normal class hours; class time plus testing time adds up to 32 hours. Please read our policies before signing up.


The LCFPrep Advantage


There are no newbies here. Your instructor will be a full time, professional test prep teacher/tutor with intimate knowledge of the tests and several years of experience.

Personalized service

As a small local business (serving La Cañada Flintridge and the surrounding region) we understand the dynamics of our particular community: the school systems, the teachers, the curriculums, etc. Being small means that we can give you that personalized attention that the larger test prep companies can't. Most importantly, we understand that our success is solely determined by the success of the students within this community.

Powerful Web Platform

LCFPrep classes come with a fully integrated online course platform. Each student will create an online account, which they will use to log in to their course dashboard. From the dashboard, they can check their progress, access course materials, complete interactive exercises and assignments, study flashcards, and more. No need for bulky workbooks and messy papers. Everything is contained online, and is accessible anytime, anywhere. You can practice for the SAT at home on your laptop, or between class on your cellphone. Check out the platform here.


When Should I Take a Class?

It's usually best to sign up for a class with a particular test date in mind that you will take after the end of our class. Both the SAT and the ACT are offered several times a year. Here's a link to the SAT schedule, and here's a link to the ACT schedule.


Who Should Take a Class? Who Should Not Take a Class?

This class is intended to be an comprehensive introduction to the SAT/ACT, and, as such, we will be covering all bases, including the more basic elements of the test.

It is recommended that most students, if they have not done significant prep in the past, take the course first before beginning any individual prep. The reason for this is that the individual prep, if begun at the initial stages, will likely only be repeating the information provided in the course.

If you are already in the advanced stages of preparation, or are consistently scoring at a high level (1420+/32+), and only need fine tuning, then one-on-one tutoring is going to be more efficient and effective to help you get those last few points.

On the other hand, if you are at the opposite end of the scale, if you have specific needs that can only be addressed by a private tutor, or you don�t perform well in a classroom setting, then, of course, the individual tutoring is the way to proceed.

Introducing the LCFPrep Course Platform

Robert Beach

LCFPrep Test Prep Tutor

Robert: A Los Angeles native, I grew up in La Cañada Flintridge and graduated from La Cañada High School. I attended college at UCSD, where I earned a B.S. in physics with a minor in mathematics. After returning to Los Angeles, I spent some time as a substitute teacher, supplementing my income as a private tutor. Eventually, after I had built up a bit of a clientele, I decided to do private tutoring full-time. I've been working, now, for over ten years as a subject tutor in math and science and as a test-prep tutor. I work with students at the junior high, high school, and college level.

Finding the current state of online resources inadequate, I built LCFPrep in order to have a set of tools that would complement the test-prep courses I was teaching. The site now features a full course management system, complete with state of the art interactive exercises, presentations, flashcards and more. The idea was to integrate technology into test-prep in a way that would make the learning experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

As a kid growing up, I have to admit I was not the most disciplined (or mature). As a result, my grades suffered a bit. I still got good grades, but they weren't stellar. However, I did do pretty well on my SAT, and I think that's played a significant role in getting me into the college of my choice. Where am I going with this? Well, sometimes when people say "They should just get rid of standardized tests. It should be all academic records." I say that I think they're wrong--that I think standardized testing has a place in the overall equation. We shouldn't be punishing students because they haven't yet developed their full adult maturity or work ethic, and the SAT and ACT are places where a bright and motivated student can shine, even if they fall a little short in those areas.

When I'm not working I enjoy dabbling in mathematics and tinkering with online technologies. I watch a lot of Travel Channel and Discovery Channel, especially Expedition Unknown. Once in a while, I go off on my own crazy adventures. I also enjoy hiking and am an LA sports fan. I live in Pasadena (near the Rose Bowl) with my wife Karen (pictured).

  1. Areas of expertise:
    • SAT/ACT
    • High school mathematics, all levels including AP Stats
    • GCC and PCC mathematics, all levels including differential equations.
    • AP Physics
    • AP Chemistry
    • Regular Biology
    • AP Computer Science

Robert charges $65 an hour for SAT or ACT tutoring, and $60 hour for subject tutoring in math, science and computer science. Rates may fluctuate depending on his availability.