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How it works, in a nutshell.

The first step is to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor. Tests can be scheduled at any time. Just find a time that is convenient for you. Proctored tests are conducted online using LCFPrep's online testing platform. Before the test, you will have a short zoom meeting with your advisor, who will get you set up and ready to take the test. Once the orientation is completed and you have started the test, the zoom meeting will end. The rest of the way, the LCFPrep auto-proctor will guide you through the test, following the same general procedures as are used on test day. After completing the test, you will immediately receive a detailed report, including your score, percentiles, strengths and weaknesses, and other advanced analytics. If you choose to, you can then set a time to talk about the test and/or go over the questions.

Current Test Offerings.

It's $50 to take a proctored test ($40 if you are currently taking our course). Consultations and/or question and answer review with an Test Prep Pro are billed at $75/hr ($70/hr if you are currently taking our course).

SAT (2023 dates)

SAT Tests are currently offered and may be scheduled at any time. Just contact us to set one up.

ACT (2023 dates)

ACT proctored tests will be available in late March/early April 2023

It's a long test. We make it easy easier .

We have flexible testing options to meet the demands of busy student schedules. Of course, you may take the full test in one sitting, which is probably the best option for those who want to simulate the real experience of taking an exam. However, we also offer an option to split the test into two parts.

You may also print out the test and take it on paper, if you feel more comfortable with a paper test. Keep in mind, though, that you will still need to bubble your answers on our online answer sheet during the test.

Comprehensive Score Report.

Our online score reports were designed to give the student all the tools they need to evaluate their performance and assess potential areas of improvement. The reports come with awesome interactive graphics and an intuitive design. Check out the sample below.

Score Report Preview: Test Overview

Score Report Preview: Reading Test Summary

Score Report Preview: Questions and Answers

Score Report Preview: Question Info and Solution